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Staying in the heart of Cologne, Germany; our founder Himanshu felt that the minimum standards of food quality there surpasses the best that we may have seen here in India. It was then he thought as to how he could start catering to his family or maybe a small proportion of the community with better quality raw vegetables. 

Extensive study on this aspect lead to the key problems faced by Indian consumers: Extensive use of synthetic pesticides to boost yield, longer distances between farms and consumers, complex channels of distributions leading to bulk storing, lack of proper packaging and most importantly, lack of transparency about the produce.


Growing near the consumers would eliminate most of the challenges notes, but! ‘Locally Grown’, sure sounded formidable. However, in cities like New Delhi, where real estate properties are overwhelmingly expensive, how can one go about acres of land required for traditional farming while justifying the costs incurred?


But as they say, ‘Where there’s zeal, there’s a way!’ The passion for providing excellent quality produce to society was one to take along. With these thoughts, he continued his research and stumbled upon Hydroponics. The blend of technology and modern outlook into farming sounded like a plan. This industry being nascent, it was not easy to get desired resources and guidance.


After coming back to India, Himanshu suggested his mother, Mrs. Pratibha Aggarwal to attend a few agricultural classes and get an overview about what goes into growing crops (afterall, none of them had any formal education in this field). She was really looking forward to growing some fresh harvests for personal use at first with few off-the-market purchases. But soon after she saw a passion drive in her for Fresh Greens.Our founders then correlated their knowledge and ideas to set up a small R&D unit at their apartment. Everything started as custom made. It was all out of hobby at first. But seeing their first plant from germination to maturity and noting all data points, it indeed felt like raising another child to our co-founder Mrs. Aggarwal. But this child was edible!

They gave their first few harvests to family and friends. As per expectations, all the responses were strongly positive enough for them to continue their venture commercially.

The mother-son duo then ventured to take the initiative to the market at large and set up their first Commercial vertical farm at Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi, in March’ 2020 and planted the first seedlings just the day before the lockdown. They took permissions, worked without staff to ensure safety, and did everything it would take to put their products on shelves.


And, since then there has been no looking back. The unconventional ardour to provide the best quality produce to our esteemed consumers made us partner with more than 30 stores in the National Capital Region in just 6 months. 


What makes us, us? Our dedicated team, our supportive customers, the scope to take this to the world out there, but most importantly, the sense that we are doing something good for our society.


While we continue to do our best to make this world a better place to live, are you willing to join us in what we call “The Modern Green Revolution”.

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