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Basil Hummus (Vegan Friendly)

Basil Hummus (Vegan Friendly)


Our Basil Hummus is the right blend of Chickpeas with Genovese Basil, that provides a taste you might have never had before. The taste of Basil is mild and the essence of Hummus is preserved with due care. The vegan-friendly option contains nutritional yeast (inactive) as the best alternative to the blended cheese. 


Since the product is free from any preservatives, the shelf life is 5 days. That is a reason why, currently, we are offering the product only to Delhi-NCR region with same day or next day delivery. People from outside Delhi-NCR can order our Pesto and get in touch with us to make almost similar Basil Hummus to what we offer. We are there to tell you the recepie. YES!!


    The product is eligible for a full-refund during the shelf life of the product. Yes, you read it right. We are offering a full refund for the entire period of the product life. No questions asked, just an honest feedback is expected.


    The product shipping is restricted for parts of Delhi-NCR only. The order, in most of the case will be delivered the same day or by the very next day. However, in certain unforeseen circumstances, the delivery might be delayed. In case the delay is due to reasons not in control of the customer, and the product becomes unfit to eat, a full refund will be granted.

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