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Guacamole (180 grams)

Guacamole (180 grams)


Our Guacamole is the perfect blend of Imported Avocaods (New Zealand) with our farm fresh Parsley and Microgreens. Arugula Microgreens add a spicy flavour to the Guac while Fenugreek Microgreens adds a subtly sharp flavour to the Guac. We have it all! 


You can choose to have two options, one with Onions and Tomato and one without these. 


The ones with Onion and Tomato last only for 36 hours while the one without is good for 5 days. You can add chopped Onions and Tomatoes at your end before having. Win Win for both!


So what are you waiting for? Order, Receive, Eat and Enjoy!

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