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Basil Pesto (Vegan Friendly)

Basil Pesto (Vegan Friendly)


Our vegan friendly Pesto Sauce is the right mix of authentic ingredients with nutritional yeast (inactive) to give the perfect taste in place of blended cheese. For any vegan out there, this is the best dressing to team with almost anything. From your salads, to your munchies, the Pesto will fit in as desired. 


*The product is blended in separate blender used only for producing vegan friendly variants*


    The product is eligible for a full-refund during the shelf life of the product. Yes, you read it right. We are offering a full refund for the entire period of the product life. No questions asked, just an honest feedback is expected.


    The product is shipped to almost all parts of India. We offer standard delivery time of 1 to 5 days depending upon the destination. However, in certain unforeseen circumstances, the delivery might be delayed. In case the delay is due to reasons not in control of the customer, and the product becomes unfit to eat, a full refund will be granted.

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